Air Service Development Consulting

We believe that Air Service Development consulting is best done at a personal level. Large firms have high costs and low levels of patience. Ailevon Pacific doesn’t focus on billable hours and moving on to the next project. Instead, we build long-term relationships with our clients. These relationships are the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our interest in the airline business goes to the core of who we are and why we do this work. Our commitment to you is that we will always be honest and focus on long-term results. Building relationships that last is a top priority for our team. You can trust that you will always get honest opinions, built on a foundation of trust.

Our analytical approach is unique in that we focus on building the community’s story in addition to the analytical air service pitch. After all, the community IS the opportunity. We never lose focus of that. We never put our analyses in a standardized format that fails to differentiate your market. Instead, we will call attention to those unique attributes that make your community stand apart.



Air Service Market Assessments

In-depth examinations of the competitive environment, local economic and demographic trends, industry market performance, and relevant airline strategies to assess the opportunities and risks for an airport.


Air Service Catchment Area Analyses

Use industry ticketing data to identify airport usage within a designated region, including an analysis of traffic “leaked” to other airports.


Airline Route Analyses

Data-driven, analytical assessments of new or existing routes.


Air Service Statistical Reporting

Key industry data related to a particular airport, delivered on a quarterly basis.


Airport Master Plan Forecasting

Dynamic, long-term forecasting for use in airport master plan development.



Airport Community Outreach

Customized overview of local and industry trends delivered to key stakeholders.



Aviation Policy Analyses

White paper assessments of key industry issues.



U.S.D.O.T. Small Community Air Service Development Grants

Development and delivery of SCASD grant applications.



Airport Revenue Optimization

Positioning airports as multifaceted business organizations
that produce a variety of diverse products and services
in order to support the economic growth of the community.

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