Service Spotlight—Training and Development

Drum roll please!

APAC Introducing a new service to our portfolio: Training and Development

Let’s talk details:

  • What Topics:
    • Current state of industry
    • Unlock the power to Diio and Airport IS
    • Market performance dashboard
    • Network Planning 101
    • Introduction to Forecasting
    • How to Create and Deliver a Powerful Presentation
    • Day in the life of an airline planner
  • Who: An all-star APAC team member & you!
  • How Long: “It depends on your objectives” but we recommend two full days to begin
  • Our competitive advantage: One on one time with you! Fully catered to you and what you want to get out of it.

Benefits of Training?

  • An educated airport or DMO who has conducted their research and preparation is much appreciated from airlines partners
  • Become a subject matter expert to airport staff on the latest industry happenings
  • Continuing education
  • Develop process to measure performance of current markets
  • Educate internal and external stakeholders on “air service development”, what is it?  Why is it important?
  • Enhancing your relationships with the airlines as well as your organization’s internal stakeholders
  • Establish market credibility with airline partners
  • Exposure to airline planning departments/organization structure
  • Strengthen the presentations and analysis for future route cases

Client Testimonials

Working with APAC

“When I was new to the aviation industry and to my role as the Air Service and Marketing Manager for the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority, Rhett Morgan from Ailevon Pacific came to Fort Wayne during my first month on the job and trained me on a variety of important skills needed for the position. He gave me a wonderful introduction to the aviation industry by explaining the industry consolidation, pilot shortages, and other important aspects of the industry. He then explained to me the position of FWA in comparison to other markets, our catchment area, and the process of getting new routes, destinations, and larger aircraft. He taught me how to use Diio and ARC and which reports I should be running on a weekly basis. He explained simple aviation jargon and what each word meant – such as “capacity” and “RASM”. The training that I received was monumental for my growth into my position. It was the one-on-one training that I needed, being new to the industry, to understand the importance of this role and how to do it well. Without the training that I received from Rhett, I would not have been as knowledgeable or as quick to adapt into the industry as I was. Training with Ailevon Pacific was probably the best training that I have ever received, and their guidance and support is unmatched in the industry.” — Rebecca Neild, Air Service and Marketing Manager

Working with APAC

“Ailevon Pacific’s Diio Training truly is the real deal. As someone who began in Air Service Development with no background or experience in aviation analysis, Rhett Morgan has helped me to not only understand how to run the reports, but how to spot new opportunity for our market. From the basics of Diio 101, equipment/scheduling, all the way to route profitability; the training is tailored to your developmental needs. This has been so valuable to our airport that we now schedule an annual training session to discuss industry happenings, review our current strategy and map out a plan of action. Rhett’s individualized attention to our market coupled with his industry relationships has been invaluable to our air service efforts. We look forward to a long relationship with Rhett and his team at Ailevon.” — Katie Martz; HSV Business Development Specialist

Working with APAC

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my training sessions with Nico Mirman, he has taught me so much in the last year. I feel confident when we review our portfolio and know that he always has ABQ best interest in mind. I couldn’t be happier with the training program our consultant provided and ABQ’s recent wins, like becoming international again, speak directly to the expert knowledge he provides.” — Lisa Leyva – Aviation Development Manager City of Albuquerque

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