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Employee Spotlight: Nico Mirman

A fireside chat with Ailevon Pacific’s very own Nicolás “Nico” Mirman, about his favorite industry moments. Nico has more than 15 years of industry experience and is the definition of an aviation “triple-threat” professional: experience working at four airlines, the TPA airport and air service consulting. Over the last couple years, he has been instrumental in building up Ailevon Pacific’s Latin America portfolio. Get to know Nico a little better below and if you have more questions (in English or Spanish 🙂 ) — send him a note at!

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Client Spotlight: GRR

Grand Rapids is one of Ailevon Pacific’s oldest clients and has been with us from the very beginning (2011!). The past eight years have been nothing short of a GRReat experience and everyone at Ailevon Pacific is so grateful for GRR’s continued partnership (especially Michigan natives, Brad and Emil!). Get to know the booming city of Grand Rapids below and you’ll instantly want to start planning your next weekend getaway to this beer-loving, outdoor-friendly city!

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Airline Q&A — Sun Country

Joe Beckendorf – Senior Manager, Network Planning & Aircraft Scheduling – Sun Country

You are in for a treat — a special Q&A with Joe Beckendorf, the Senior Manager of Network Planning and Aircraft Scheduling for Sun Country. Find out what drives his passion for aviation and his favorite non-work hobbies (and much more!).

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Airport Roundtable Series Spotlight

Roundtables are designed for aviation professionals – from airlines to airports to DMOs to consultants – to come together and share ideas and concepts in the areas of Marketing and Air Service Development.

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Service Spotlight—Training and Development

Drum roll please!

APAC Introducing a new service to our portfolio: Training and Development

Let’s talk details:

  • What Topics:
    • Current state of industry
    • Unlock the power to Diio and Airport IS
    • Market performance dashboard
    • Network Planning 101
    • Introduction to Forecasting
    • How to Create and Deliver a Powerful Presentation
    • Day in the life of an airline planner
  • Who: An all-star APAC team member & you!
  • How Long: “It depends on your objectives” but we recommend two full days to begin
  • Our competitive advantage: One on one time with you! Fully catered to you and what you want to get out of it.

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Employee Spotlight: Brad DiFore

What is your favorite part of your job?
BD: I really appreciate the opportunity to work in the field I’ve always wanted to work in, in the industry I’ve always loved, with the most amazing people anybody could want to work with. Ultimately, our industry is built on long-term relationships. They are definitely my favorite part of the job.

Favorite Airplane?
BD: Today and always, the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. I haven’t flown on one yet, but I’m pretty sure the A220 will be a favorite as well. I love a long-haul widebody, but I spend far more time in narrowbodies and the A220 looks like it will be a pretty nice place to hang out for a few hours at a time.

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Client Spotlight: AVL

Did you Know?

  • FIVE consecutive record years of passenger growth
  • TWENTY-NINE consecutive months of passenger increases
  • THIRTEEN consecutive months of double-digit increases
  • 2018: AVL served 1 MILLION+ (1,134,568) passengers for the FIRST time in its 58-year history
  • 68% growth in passenger utilization in five years
  • $1.5 BILLION contributed to the local economy (annually)
  • Named SECOND-fastest growing small hub airport in the U.S. by Bloomberg News (2018)

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Airline Rep Spotlight–Frontier

Jonathon Nield – Sr. Manager, Network Planning

Have you always had a passion for aviation?
JN: I remember my first flight when I was seven years old from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles on a Delta 757 and being completely fascinated with the power I felt on takeoff. Immediately I fell in love with flying. I’m likely one of the odd avgeeks out there that never really had an interest in becoming a pilot so never considered a career in aviation until college when I suddenly realized I could make a career out of my love for flying on the business side, which is where my true interest was.

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